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Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner Black
By Clinique

Clinique Eye Defining Liquid Liner Black

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Fast-drying liquid eyeliner flows on with ease for intense, precise colour. Draws a thin line for a natural look, a thick line for a dramatic effect. Water-resistant formula wears long and true. Suitable for contact lens wearers. Ophthalmologist tested.

Apply using applicator close to lash line. Start with a thin line and build to desired look. Do not pump applicator in container. Remove with your favourite Clinique eye makeup remover.

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  • sensitive skin, medium fair
    Cat eyes ftw!


    - Lasts long

    - smudge proof

    - beautiful black


    - Expensive for what you get

    - (cheap packaging) The long cap gives the illusion of more product

    - difficult to apply (the product dries before you're finished working on the eye)

    If you're blonde you'll find the dark brown gives definition without looking heavy or harsh, just sexy. 

    I find it lasts from early morning till next morning if I don't remove my eye makeup. I've been known to have it one for a three day stretch in emergencies and it still looked good as long as you don't cry or get it wet. 

    It's easy to play around with your eyes with this liner because you can apply a thick or very light line and if you make a mistake you can even put eye shadow over the top and it's light texture means no-one will know.

     A very pretty, very easy to wear eyeliner that is fun to play with and lasts when you need it to. I've bought it for five years, it's become a staple because I don't see how it can be improved.

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  • combination skin, fair, 18-25
    Love hate

    I'm not too sure bout this product. The felt tip (like markers) makes it really easy to apply but the tip is a bit hard and so it did tug my eyes a little. It is neither waterproof nor smudge-proof. Even when I apply primer, it still won't last more than 6 hours. However, I like the pigmentation . It's really an intense black. It dries completely matte. And, the packaging is really sturdy and airtight so it doesn't dry up quickly. Overall, good experience.

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  • 18-25
    Very precise

    gotten this from the clinique counter. It comes in a typical eyeliner tube, with a super precise brush applicator. It's recommended for beginners, super easy to use and easy to create wings with it. The short stick may make it a little hard to grip but other than that its fine. It is water resistant and does not smudge. also it does not curdle up even after a long time of not using it. Overall recommended!

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  • sensitive skin, dark, 13-17
    On point!

    I have this in the mini version. It came in a silver sleek bottle with an super fine tip brush. It was easy to carry around, considering its size. Also, the brush did not have any stray hairs, and the ink is always on point. I managed to get a sturdy grip of this while applying. The results are so clean, neat and flawless. Also it does not smudge and its water resistant. It also removes easily with makeup remover. It does not have any unpleasant scent, and the mini tube has lasts me for about 10 applications. Will consider repurchasing it!

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  • combination skin, tan, 18-25

    I buy it because I was looking for and anti-allergic eye liner, so in that way it works, but I didn't like the way the brush apply the liquid, not in an uniform way. so it takes a little get used to applying it. I bought this liner after my Maybeline pencil was leaving me with racoon eyes one too many times. This stuff is amazing! Yes, every once in a while I get some goop in the corner, but the liner goes on in a very precise line and look great on. It's a bit more expensive than my drugstore variety, but I'm much happier with the end product.

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