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Bio-Water Energizing Water
By Bio-Essence

Bio-Water Energizing Water

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Product details

Bio-Water Energizing Water spray is rich in minerals and with low salt content to provide ultra hydration for skin. It keeps skin cool on the go, thereby helping to keep skin always fresh and energized. With its cooling and soothing properties, it effectively helps to calm irritable skin.

Product Efficacies:

  • Infused with Bio Energy Complex™ which boosts skin’s ability to lock in moisture and minerals to keep it soothed and hydrated
  • Enriched with minerals and trace minerals to cool skin, keeping skin hydrated and fresh
  • Low salt content to intensively hydrate your skin, leaving skin moist and supple
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Directions: Hold the bottle at a distance less than 20cm from targeted area and spray. Can be used over makeup. Suitable for face, body and pre-nappy application.



Water, Niacinamide, Euglena Gracilis Extract, Glycerin, Tocopherol

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  • acne prone skin, olive
    Fast Refresher Looks!
    20190106 144235 5196

    Firstly I'm using this product as a moisturizer and make up spray to ensure my make up stay for long hours.

    My POV:

    This product really works as what its claimed. After applied on my face, it gave you the cool sensation that give you the fresh vibe. I can also feels my face getting moist and lock my make up for about 5 to 6 hours straight ( I have a very oily skin, so it help preventing my foundation sliding from it place for couple of hours).

    I recommend especially to anyone that want to have fast skin care routine which you can just spray this energize your skins' looks  

    Pst: The picture is me after using this as make up spray for 4 hours

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  • combination skin, fair
    Love it to MaX
    C360 2019 01 09 20 06 25 040

    i absloutely adore and in love with this bio water.

    i had been using it for 2 weeks and now i feel my skin more smooth and hydrate.

    it gives me fresh look to start my day and i always feel excited to use it third times a day.

    its so easy to use and conviention. also easy to buy since almost any drugstore sell this bio essence product.

    i will purchase this item and will make sure in my skincare routine list which i also use any other bio skincare and my favourite is bio snail and bio renew vlift series.

    now i feel my skin like my baby hahahaha

    i love this to the moon and back 

    i also will make sure to suggest it to my family and friends and also will blog about it soon

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  • oily skin, medium
    when the sample became the buy

    i bought the new one. when 1st time i use this product, sample from favful, i'm falling in love. why? because of the advantage of bio water.

    i use after i make up my face. it make me refreshing and the make up also long lasting. like me, i didnt like to take the heavy make up because i only the clerk so the light make up make it not long lasting. i tried many product but not same like this one.

    i hope, you can try it. take the sample one 1st and then buy a new one for a daily use. you will be stunning. i guarantee. 

    bio water energizing by bio-essence wilk make you proud with yourself. 

    if i can be the positive, you also can.

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  • oily skin, fair
    First niacinamide mist I’ve encountered! Very simple ingredients!
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    I redeemed the sample because I wanted to see how good this mist is! This is my first time seeing a mist with niacinanimide in it! Niacinamide brightens and makes your skin glow. I don’t buy products based on packaging but on their ingredients thanks to director Pi and I’ve got to say out of so many mists that I’ve used, Bio Essence Bio Water does not contain any preservatives, PEG, fragrance, etc. ingredients are simple too!

    The plus side? It contains Vitamin E (tocopherol) which hydrates and Euglena Gracilis extract a kind of algae that counteracts fatigue skin, firms the skin, high in minerals and vitamins. I’m a big fan of niacinamide and when I saw niacinamide in it and it’s the second highest ingredient in the list, this mist will definitely brighten the skin after a few spritz.

    I have oily skin and it does not create a film on top of my skin when sprayed, it just sinks into your skin, definitely cooling down the temperature of your skin in a sec and brightens my dull oily skin thanks to niacinamide. No fragrance so it doesn’t smell. It’s refreshing and hydrating. I’d definitely buy the large bottle, where else can you find a mist with this ingredients?

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  • normal skin, medium fair
    Bio-essence biowater helps to keep my skin hydrated all day. It feels fresh everytime i use this.
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