Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence 150ml

The very FIRST step to your skin care regimen.

Back to the Basics, a Stepping Stone to a Healthier and New Skin.

Contains 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate, which absorbs into skin instantly to energize your skin. Also contains Niacinamide, a Vitamin B3 component, to improve skin elasticity, enhance skin barrier function, and revive skin tone and texture. DN-Aid, made from Cassia-Alata Extract, provides vitality to aging skin, protects DNA from aging caused by UV rays, and promotes restoration of damaged DNA.

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Mincai Zalikha


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Good product to use before applying moisturizer. Makes my skin glow even without putting on any make up. I have been using this product since December and I still have half of it so it is worth it since you can use it for a long period. You just need to tap it into your skin instead of rubbing it.

Sara Adam de Souza


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I bought this from Hermo.my for around RM109 after seeing a lot of people were raving about it.

It's no secret this is an SK-II knockoff. And what a good knockoff it is.

My skin looks less dull and brighter after a few weeks of using it consistently day and night. However it is not the kind of miracle product that will solve major problems like acne scarring, dark spots etc., so be realistic in your expectations.

Also the product has a strong yeast smell (the active ingredient that makes it work so well). That being said, the smell is not a major issue in comparison to what you're getting in return.

For the price, around RM100+, I say it's a great product. I'm thinking of getting my spare soon!



This product it good and it absorb fast. Have light scent. My skin has improve much since I start using it.The BEST essence ever! I have less problem with acne than I used to have and my old acne spots are no longer visible.I have used it for one month, and I do agree that it works wonder. My pores became smaller, skin are softer and smoother. Even blackheads are reduced as after i removed them using blackhead removing products, this essence seems like keep them from growing back again. Definitely repurchase again.I bought it from Hermo and packaging very nice


Apparently this was an SKII knock-off product, so I decided to give it a try. I had tried SKII before, and this does the job as well as SKII with a whole lot cheaper. Had purchased it from their outlet during a promo. Well, this comes in a glass bottle but with just a little hole for dispensing the essence. Just pour out a little, "lather" it with your fingers and pat it on the skin. Easy to use, however, the dspensing part might be a little unhygienic. It would be better if it has a dropper tool. I had used it day and night everyday and this product has made my skin looking more radiant and healthy. Love it! Highly recommended if you're considering the SKII one.

PL. Lee


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Have done my research before purchasing this bottle. Supposedly a cheaper version of Sk-ii pitera essence with the same effect so naturally i had high hopes. did not see any visible improvement after finishing a bottle. Smells funky - I believe it's due to fermentation. Overall I do not see any changes to my normal skin.



This essence is a must if u wish to achieve a healthy and glowy skin. I use this twice everyday and my skin does visibly look more " elastic " and smoother. The essence can be absorbed quickly and non sticky. My pores also becoming less visible. Can use this up to months. Definitely worth the price and going to repurchase this .

Chloe Pz


Skin feels more moisturized after using it. Less oily but not drying.

No scent and quick to absorb!

Ammelia P'ng


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Purchased this Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Intensive Essence from Hermomy. The instructions say to pour out some of the Missha essence into your palms, then pat it on, or to use acotton pad. But I prefer to use on a cotton pad and swipe on my entire face.

The very first time I used it, I got surprisingly good results immediately. My skin seemed noticeably clearer, a few pores that had been clogged were suddenly unclogged, and a pimple that was just in the making had died down immediately. I continued to use it at morning and night every day constantly, after toner and before serum or moisturizer.

Its been 3 weeks, my skin recently has improved. It isslightly clear now, which is the result of many different things combined, yes. But it’s also glowing. It’s healthy looking, feels young, and left with acne scars.

Recommended for sure!



I bought this product from Althea Malaysia. It comes with a good packaging. The container of the product is very classy. It made from fermented yeast concentrate, so it does smell like one. But then after few taps on face the smell will go away, so it is not a big deal, and all products made from fermented yeast will smell the same. The liquid is transparent in colour, a little viscous but less viscous compare to Hada Labo Lotion.

Sometimes I just put on face and tap to absorb, but mostly I will do a 10 minutes mask with the essence and cotton pads (the type that absorb less) or I will put the essence into a spray bottle and spray on face, this can reduce wastage!

I am kinda impressed because I like to apply on areas with blemishes the effect can be seen after just 4-5 days! The blemishes reduces, pores slightly minimises and overally my skin tone is getting better!

Joyce Tan


Could see the difference in my skin after applying! Would recommend to those who would like healthier and bouncier skin.

Diyana Syazana


I bought this essence at Hermo websote. It has very light fermented smell that disappear when you pat it on your face. The scent doesn't really bother me. The essence is almost water-like.

I pour the essence into my hand and pat them to my face. I would recommend this to anyone who have dull skin and would like to brighten their skin.

Shila Anis


First of all, I would really really really suggest and hope that every women in this world who wants clear, brightened and smooth skin to try and have this holy grail item in their daily skincare routine!! So, let me tell you why this item is really getting hyped up especially among korean women.

I've been hearing a lot about the Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essene in the past few months. And everyone have been talking about how great this item is, how it improved their skin especially koreans. So, I thought maybe I should give it a try. And honestly, I do have sensitive skin and really easy to breakout if the ingredients doesn't suits my skin, thus I do have the fear that it would cause breakouts.

But then again, I just thought maybe I should give it a try so I decided to buy this cult item. I was super duper excited when I bought it since I want to know if its really worth the hype.

The packaging was quite simple but rather unique. It doesn't really have any scent or should i say the scent is not that strong so I would say it is suitable for those who are not a fan of scents. This essence is very lightweight almost like water! This is super super awesome for combination oily skin people like me! But then, this essence would suit any skin type. It just so great ! Since this essence is almost like a water, it barely have color.

This fancy-water-in-an-equally-fancy-bottle contains active ingredients including fermented-yeast extract, which absorbs rapidly into the skin to help boost the product's soothing, moisturizing, brightening, and anti-aging properties.God ! This watery essence got so many good things and effects !

It's recommended that you apply the essence right after cleansing (or after a toner, if you use one) with either your hands or a cotton pad. I, personally, use the latter method since I feel like the nutrients absorb better after a gentle slapping of the toner on my face. But, be wary that it can slip through your fingers if you're not careful. Essences are a prep-your-face-for-other-products step, so you can apply your moisturizers and serums right after.

One of the most amazing thing that I discovered from this cult item is IT HELPED WITH MY SKIN TEXTURE AND COMPLEXION !!

Okay, I do have a very dull complexion and my skin is not that smooth but but but after I tried this essence for only 2 weeks I can immediately see the effect ! My skin is smoother than baby's butt ! Even from the first application, I can see instant brightening effect on my face. Its not that much for those who have clear and brightened skin but since I have a very visible dull complexion this product really helped a lot. Haha.

Other than that, despite my skin condition that is very sensitive and acne prone, this product did not cause me any breakouts ! Instead, it actually prevented any growing acne. OHMYGOD ! I just love and love and love this effect ! It actually shrank my acne and making it less visible.

The other effect that i barely felt is the help in fading my acne scars. I do feel that it doesn't really work in lightening those acne scars or maybe I just need to give more time for that. Haha.

The con that I can actually discovered after a long time thinking is that the packaging. I kind of find that the glass bottle is very not convenient since it can break anytime with no proper care.

But that one tiny disadvantage cannot change my pure love for this amazing great awesome lovable Missha time revolution the first treatment essence ! I would absolutely recommend this to every single women in this world that actually care for their skin.

My complexion is now more even-toned and radiant, despite how badly the recent weather has tried to dull it. It truly is holy water at it's finest.

Vanessa Tan

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I have obtained this as a sample!

But I never thought that I would love this so much.I only used it on evening before I sleep and only using it for quite some time. It's really good product, it hydrates my skin and I love the packaging!!

Kelly Neo


Not sure about sk-ll as I have never used it before but Missha's time revolution essence definitely did a great job in pampering my skin! My friends noticed a change in my bare face after a week of usage.



Decided to give this a try since this product claim to contain the same main ingredient as SK ll but at a much lower price. I got mine while I am in Korea and Missha is having sales. The packaging look very classy and comes in a look thru bottle. The texture is smooth, runny and looks clear just like water. It glide on easily when applied and absorb pretty fast as well. It smell weird though, but doesn't irritate me. I usually use this after my toner and wait for about 1 minute before I apply my moisturizer. My skin felt soft, moisture and dewy in the morning. Most importantly it doesn't break me out. I would definitely repurchase this till I found any other product that trigger my interest to try. Highly recommended to dry and sensitive skin person.

Belle Ling


The product is packaged in a frosted glass bottle which is very nice. However, i think the cap should be improved though... I packed this in my travel pouch and 1/3 of the product was all over my pouch (T_T). Anyway, i really like the product. It moisturizes and calms my skin and evens out my skintone. After cleansing, i apply this on my palms, spread it on my face and wait for about 1 minute before i apply my moisturizer. On a hot day, a would apply this on thin cotton pads and put it like a mask for about 10-15 mins. My skin feels cooler and relaxed every time i do this.. After a few bottles of this, i'd say my skin is now more radiant and less sensitive.



I started using this before I knew much about skincare, so I don't really know how much of a difference it made to my skin. When I started observing, I find that the product helps with my dry skin and makes a good base for other skincare products to be absorbed.

The product comes in a frosted glass bottle, which scares me a little sometimes since I can be quite clumsy. There is a lot of product, it's lasted me for months now even though I use it twice daily. I do recommend letting your skin get used to it a little if you have sensitive skin or if you're new to skincare, because I remember when I first started using it, my skin wasn't used to absorbing a lot of skincare products and it got irritated. Start off trying it once a day or once every two days, and if your skin looks alright you can slowly amp up your usage.

Some difference I've noticed when I swap this out of my routine, is that my skincare doesn't absorb as easily when I don't use this first. My skin also gets dry more easily and looks less bright sometimes. When I use this, I just pour out a small amount on my palm and pat it all over my face. I find it better than using a cotton pad, not just because cotton pad wastes a lot of product but also because the absorption seems better when I pat it in gently with my hands.

Many people call this an SKII dupe because it has the same galactomyces component in it, which is the main ingredient for the product benefits. A few brands also have the same component, such as COSRX, Tony Moly, The Saem, etc. so it's really up to you to decide if this Missha one is better. I just use it because it works for me and I never needed to search for another.

Qistina Nalkatli


I bought this from an online shop. I've been adding this product into my skin regiment and my skin feel a lot smoother now. I am really obsess with youth hence this product help me to achieve that. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle. The product is colorless like water and it has no-scent. It quickly absorbed into your skin so i advice to tap it with your hand instead of using cotton pad. Every drop is valuable you know. I apply this after toner. I definitely recommend this to everyone and definitely repurchase it unless i find a better product. I rate this 5/7.

Toh Xinni Alyssa


I bought this bottle from Korea after much research. Being the SKII dupe, I wanted to try it out since it's cheaper than SKII. Initially I used a cotton pad to apply but subsequently I decided to apply the product directly using my palms as it ensures no product wastage and the warmth from palms will allow the essence to penetrate into my skin better as well.

Im not sure if it helps in improving my skin condition, but this product is definitely lightweight enough for Singapore's weather and helps subsequent skincare products to be better penetrated into the skin.



Bought this from Althea at $37 only!!!!

I had heard that many raved about this product being a high-quality dupe of SK-ll Treatment Essence and had been wanting to get my hands on it since my colleague introduced me to it. I tried it at Missha's outlet in Bugis+ and yup I'm sold!

The main ingredient of this product is fermented yeast, which helps to restore vital balance by promoting the skin's natural 28-day surface renewal process.

The texture of the product is very watery and to apply it, I would just soak a cotton pad and apply it evenly all around my face by patting. I apply this product twice a day, after cleansing and toning. I have seen immense improvement in my skin condition after 2 weeks. The redness in my face have been drastically reduced and I noticed that my skin is softer and smoother. This product also absorbs into the skin easily so it does not leave any sticky residues.

Highly recommended and I will be repurchasing for sure!

Farah Syahida


I really love the packaging it's so light and easy to carry for travelling.

The name is first treatment so it should use after cleansing your face.

The annoying part about the product it so many liquid means you will get boring with this product because you have been using it for too long.

I definitely recommends this to everyone.

Eqa Atieqah


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Love this one! Give good effect to my skin.

Wendy Ng


This is something I use twice a day and love. It's nice and light, absorbs right into the skin, and really preps the skin for your skincare routine. I've definitely noticed a difference since I started using this product! It makes my skin look brighter and smoother. It also lasts a really long time! Sure will repurchase again!!

Felicia Ong


My mom bought it from me when she was in korea. To be honest, the packaging is really classy and scent is fine. The texture of the product is very watery but it really helps to moisturise your skin. I used it every night after I applied my toner and eye cream. I put in on my palm and pad in all over my face and move to my neck for the excess products. Well, I'm not sure how good is the SK II treatment essence but of course a lot of people is raving about it. But this definitely improve my skin complexion and give my face that dewy glow. The runny-ness of the product doesn't really annoys me but you have to be careful when pouring out the products. Definitely recommend this if you would like something that is more economical.



I use this as mask for about once a week, and a few times of using in spray bottle as essence for 2-3 times a week. The result is more obvious when I use this for masking, my face areas with problem (blemish and acne) will get treated and able to see the result in a couple of days.

This is price-wise too! Compare to high end products like IOPE or SK-II, this is really a good choice for girls with limited budget. Because this product is very effective, so I don't advice people to use it very frequently. Will repurchase.

Nursyafina Narawi


The packaging is quite elegant where as you can see the bottle is made from glass just like the SKII treatment essence. The essence is watery and it absorb on my skin very well. Just pour onto your hands and put it onto your face then voila you can feel your skin becomes more hydrated and your skin tone becomes even and brighter. You can see the difference in two weeks time and it is very recommended for those who wants to improve their skin condition.

Jean Khoo


Bought this in their Sunway Pyramid outlet. I used this regularly for about a month, and I noticed that I had brighter and more radiant skin. Besides my pores had shrunk and are barely visible.

Jean Khoo


I bought this in Sunway Pyramid. The packaging is sleek and classy. On the first glance it sort of remind me of SK II, I've never used SK II before but I would say this would be a good alternative. What I like most about the essence is that it absorbs incredibly well. On top of that after 2 weeks of using I notice that I had brighter and clearer skin and the best part of all, my pores had shrunk and are barely visible. Strongly recommended.

I apply every morning and night after cleansing and toning.

JJ Chong


This Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence comes in elegant frosted glass. The texture is slimy and watery-like, and it doesn't have very strong scent.

I normally apply it right after my cleansing step and I noticed that my skin has gradually become softer and brighter.

What I really like about this product is it doesn't break me out and there is no oily feeling after applying it. Thus, it is recommended to all.

Wei Mun


Amazing Product! My skin feels hydrated and fresh after using this. Perfect for people who has dry skin.



Hmm. Bought this in Missha when i was in korea. I bought the limited ed, missha x line version that has the brown casing. Not too bad. Felt my skin tighten a little and it doesnt give me rashes, unlike SKII. Texture is watery and smells so amazing..

Blair Adora


I feel that this product is a Cheap alternative to SK2 Treatment essence that works as well.

For the price,it is very affordable as compared to SK2. Product packaging is very sleek and the scent is ok as well. Texture of product is watery like and it helps to hydrate and moisture the skin. Just have to be careful when pouring out. This product is better then the spray type products in the market.

Nicole Eugenia


First of all,the packaging itself resembles the SKII Essence.It is a sturdy kinda frosted glass.The essence is clear,very watery and it has a slight sharp scent to it.This essence absorbs super fast on my skin.I it two times a day and i have amazing results from it!My skin felt hydrated,soft and supple!My pores are refined and at the same time it brightens.I highly recommend!

Iman Abdul Rahim


I have dry skin, sometimesvery dry. I spend my time mostly in aircond, soooo, that makes my dry skin even worst. I've been searching for a good product that can brighten my dull skin, give extra glow, and of course, provide enough hydration for my dry skin.

Luckily, I found this essence. It's a first treatment essence, so I use this essence right after cleanser. It comes in a 150ml transparent glass bottle with screwable cap. The texture is very thin, almost like water and there's no distinct smell. I love this essence and I can't live without this. Instantlyholy grail.

MewLeng Tan


This FTE packaging looks super similar to the SKII one and reviews have mentioned how it worked as well as SKII at a fraction of the price. I was excited to try this, but it didn't suit my skin type. I used this once in the evening before I went to bed, but the next day my face had severe outbreak and it was very concerning. I stopped usage immediately and it took a few days for the outbreak to heal. I didn't dare to try it again, but I have friends who had amazing reviews with this product.

Kimberley Ngu


I have tried SK2 face but not the actual pitera essence. I usually pat this on all the points on my face then spread it out slowly and when there is an area which I feel needs more product then i just dab it here and there. Skin does feel more supple but ladies please check the ingredients in case you're allergic just in case.Moisture: 3Value for money: 4Results: 3Gave it 3 stars because I believe this product needs to be used over a long period of time to really see results.

Adeline 苡彤


I get to know essence earlier this year. Korean girls called it the soul to their daily skin care routine. I bought this from Missha outlet and I love it. The essence can be absorbed quickly into my skin without making it oily nor greasy. I apply it after toner. Toner>Essence>Moisturizer. I love it. It provides ample moosturisatipn for the skin

Eros Si


I quite like the shiny box that the bottle comes out of. The bottle itself is frosted, similar to the SK-II bottle, and it gives a very luxurious feel. The only difference is that this bottle is oval. To be honest I got scared when I first started using it because its's made of glass and what if I just drop it homagash. Other than that I really like the bottle because it looks so luxurious!

The texture is light like a lotion and can be applied during both day and night. It doesn't smell like anything if you apply only 3-4 drops but at around 8-9 drops you will smell a very faint smell. I've read from other bloggers that its actually the yeast smell.

I really love this product! I used to have these little bumps on my jaw area (they weren't pimples, just bumps) and a week after using this they disappeared completely!I also feel that after using this, my skin feels more radiant. That may sound cheesy, but I honestly can't find another word for it. My skin isn't perfect (still), but this product has indeed helped my skin's overall texture and condition.

MY VERDICTI definitely see why so many people rave about this product! It fulfills almost all of its promises! The results are great and you don't have to wait for too long to see results. Its now a staple product in my routine! I don't know how the SKII Essence is like, but for the meantime I shall stick with this bottle.WILL I REPURCHASEFor such a big bottle and such great results, of course yes! The bottle is humongous and after a few months of religious nightly use, I have barely used a fourth of the bottle. I'm thinking of making masks with the essence more often for better results! I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a boost for their skin!

Rae Ann


heard abt this product from my sis and read good online reviews abt it. I've been using the product for 3 months now and am loving the results thus far. Skin feels hydrated and product is a good first step to other skincare regimes. Non sticky and lightweight. Best thing is that my sensitive skin takes well to it. Recommended to give it a try. Others have raved that this product will give sk2 a run for its money!

Ashley Khoo


Many have said that this product is a good dupe of the SKII Facial Treatment Essence. I bought the latest one, the third generation, with intensive moist while I was in Seoul. I use this in my daily skincare routine for both day and night after applying my toner. After using it for quite some time I did notice that it has improved my skin moisture and radiance level although the different is not that significant. The product is clear and watery and my skin absorbs it really quickly. I use my hands instead of a cotton so I won't waste the product. It does makes my face feel smooth instantly and I always like to touch it after I apply it!



Just started using this not long ago, and i think this really works! Have been using for a few weeks and everytime i use, i like how supple my face felt after that. My skin tone seem to have gotten brighter slightly too. cant wait to see how much it can really do! heard good reviews of this and is glad i tried it. my skin can be pretty sensitive but this does not cause breakout or anything, and it is lightweight, watery feel. it has a slight odour though, but it is not overwhelming so its fine

Yee Shean Chan


I bought this product from Hermo and it comes with nice packaging. My skin loves this product and it absorbs very fast on my skin. It hydrates my oily skin and reduce my pores. The pores at my T zone area and around my nose has become smaller. Besides, it help me to reduce my acne problem. I have less blackhead on my nose. But this product doesn't claim as oil control product so it have no effect on my oiliness. But I would repurchase this products

Kimberley Ngu


I got a sample size of this and have been using this together with the Missha's Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule. I did not notice any visible changes in my skin nor did I break out from it. However, I would like to note that my face feels a bit bloated in the mornning after using this, so I tend to avoid the eyes area. It is much cheaper than the brand everyone is comparing it to. The scent is barely visible to as compared to the other brand. It does gives you that dewy look in the morning, but nothing that really 'wow' me. Personally would not purchase this again.

Yan Ru


Bought the third generation while it was on sale on Hermo. It was way cheaper than the retail price in Sunway Pyramid.

I will be comparing this to SK-II since I've used both before.

Smell wise, I think this smells less heavy than SK-II. The liquid itself is in the same colour as the SK-II's FTE but is stickier than SK-II. However, it goes on the skin nicely so it's not a major issue. I use this day and night after the toning step by patting it onto the skin with my palms.

Overall I have not seen any drastic improvement for my skin but it may have prevented the formation of acnes along the way.

It is also much cheaper than SK-II and I think it's worth what I pay for.

Would recommend this if you want to try out a good quality FTE at a much lower price.



I bought this product after seeing many blogs and vlogs rave about it.

It did not disappoint me. I pair it with Missha Night Repair Ampoule and love it. I go through this so quickly in about 1.5 months.

For those who like to try a first treatment essence can start with this, instead of going for SK-II, which is too pricey.

Jean Khoo


I purchased this product after hearing my co-worker sing praises about it. I was told that this is a dupe for SKII. The product can be purchased through Missha outlet in Sunway Pyramid.

Instead of swiping the essence across my skin, I press it in as this pushes the essence into your pores. Following that I proceed with my facial cream and sunscreen.

After using it for two months, I notice that my skin becomes brighter and more radiant. I would say this is something cheaper and a good alternative for SKII.

Amanda Chan


The Missha is one of the dupes for SK-II, and I personally feel that in terms of placing, Missha places number 3 as one of those dupes.

Similar to SK-II, with placing comes the (1)Iope Bio Intensive Conditioning Essence, (2)Innisfree Soybean Essence, (4)Tony Moly 96.5 Essence and the Missha itself.

The consistency is slightly tacky and sticky. Yeast smell too.. I find that my skin doesn't have any changes and therefore I would recommend the innisfree because it's cheaper and absorbs well. Unless you want to opt for a higher end brand then Iope would do nicely.

Zahiera Daud


I have been using it for more than 6 months and it neither improve my skin nor cause any breakouts. Too watery and does not have any smell that may indicates the presence of fermented yeast. Literally it does nothing to justify the hundred bucks.

Ruben Tan


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Ruben Tan


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Ruben Tan


Ruben Tan



Yan Ping Loh


This essence comes in a translucent glass bottle with a silver plastic screw top. While the glass makes it feel luxurious and expensive, it does reduce the travel friendliness of the product. It contains 150ml which is lasted me a good 6 months (i use it both day and night). I usually dispense a bit of product on my hand, rub both my palms together then pat this all over my face and my skin drinks it up instantly. It does not leave any greasy, or sticky residue at all. There is a very slight fermented scent to this essence which is to be expected but it's very light. After using for 2-3 weeks, I noticed my skin becoming brighter and clearer, with less redness around my nose. It also helped to clear away any tiny bumps my face develops every once in a while. My pimples also healed faster and the resulting scars clear a lot faster as well. It is slightly pricey but it is worth it to give it a try.


Coming soon!