Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad

Treating acne and preventing breakouts just got easier. With the award-winning COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads, you can reduce blemishes and breakouts. These pre-soaked pads contain betaine salicylate, a natural BHA ingredient, and willow bark water to chemically exfoliate without drying out your skin. Active ingredients penetrate deeply into pores to dissolve oil and dead skin cells, to prevent further breakouts. Recommended for the face and also for blemishes on the chest and back.

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Nicole Eugenia


This featured in one of the youtuber i subscribed and she highly recommend this.SO I decided to try it myself.It comes in a nice tub and the pad is a nice circular pad which is not too big nor too small.The cotton pads are soaked with toner!After cleansing,I used this as a toner and it doesn't sting.Even though on my pimples.My pimples reduced in size after a few days!My pore are cleaner and I barely produce any sebum.Super gentle on the skin and Im now on my 2nd tub!I highly recommend

Janice Low


I knew about this product because of a Korean Youtuber, and decide to try it out. I got mine in Korea, and recently restocked 2 more bottle from Hermo.

I use it on a daily basis as a toner, the rough side of the cotton helps exfoliate the skins! Even after I cleansing my face, there will still be residues left on my skin and this pad will clean it up real well. It did a pretty good job in calming my acne, I also have less break out on my skin than before.

It does have a slight medicine-ish smell to it, so if you don't like anything with smell then you might not like the scent. It's also quite pricey for a bottle of 70 cotton pads only, which is why after using it on my face, i would use the other side of the cotton pad on my back as I do have acne on my back as well, and it does help reduce it!

For me I think it's worth it and would recommend it to acne prone skin! I did a longer review on this cotton pad at my blog here!



This is definitely a great product to heal your pimple. I get in touch to this products two months ago which I found that this is super effective in healing your pimple. I think there is some medicine on the pad which help to heal your pimple.

TIPS: Do not put this onto a pimple when the pimple is just coming out. This will be not effective at all. Instead, leave the pimple for some time and wait for it to turn yellowish. Gently pop the pimple when it turns yellowish. DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLE IF IT DID NOT TURN YELLOWISH. After that, clean your face to kill all bacteria. Then, put one of this to cover the pimple and leave it for a night. You can still apply other products on your face but leave the pimple with the pad on it. After a night, you can find your pimple smaller which is in a recovering process. The pimple will be completely recovering, leaving no scars after a week. Just a tiny pad for once for each pimple will do.

Zu Lee


I had this One Step Pimple Clear Pad since 6 months ago. Cosrx had been a brand that are dedicated to deliver good effective products to consumers while saving cost by cutting down on fancy packaging. But I don't find anything I didn't like of its packaging, since it does EVERYTHING it should: completely seal in the moist pads from evaporating, big enough for fingers to reach it and easy to twist open/close. The pad itself is amazing. It is convenient to use as first step toning right after cleansing, for wiping off leftover dirt or makeup, prepping my skin before applying serum. I got it for RM79 from Watson Malaysia, so in average, I am only spending about RM1+ a day for something that exfoliates, while delivering mild BHA actives to deal with my oily pores. 5 star to Mr. Rx!

Ashley Khoo


Many kbeauty youtubers recommend this product so I decided to buy this from Hermo and try it myself. It's quite expensive because they only have 70 pads which means I can only use it for 70 times for RM80. But it's really effective so I guess it's worth the money. It helps to reduce amount of whiteheads on my skin and I could see a very noticeable difference after using this. The cotton pad has two different textures on each side, one rough and one is smoother. I use the rough side on my skin to exfoliate first then only I use the smoother side to gently wipe the product on my face until the pad is completely dry. I use this daily as a toner after cleansing my face.

Cheryl Kay


This is the very highly raved by korean youtubers product and I have been searching it online but its expensive due to shipping cost.....................................BUT Singapore's Watsons has it now on their shelves hooray!!!! It retails atonly $19! Online, its price can be at the $21-$23 range excluding shipping fees.Go Watsons and buy girls. You won't regret it.The packaging is a cute circle shaped and opens with a twist. The pimple pads are all stuck together and can be peeled off easily for individual usage. This product has asuper nice lemon scentto it. It is moisturizing and has2 sidesof the pad (the rougher side for exfoliation and the smoother side to calm the skin after exfoliating).

It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week due to its BHA substance that can bad for sensitive skin if used excessively. I use it 3 times a week. It is super worth the $ as it is$19 for 70 pimple pads! It also works well in minimizing pores and calming any emerging pimples. Mypores became smallafter waking up the next day omg. Use it straight after cleansingand there's no need for moisturizing after that. The impressive thing about it would be the minimizing pores effect very impressed by it.

I would recommend it for everyone (those with big pores especially) Works like a gem man. LOVE IT!

Yan Ru


Cosrx is always my bias. I got this toner on Hermo during promotion last Christmas and has been obsessed with it since.

It smells like lemon and is very soothing to the mind. I love that it comes with cotton pads soaked with the solution and is very convenient to use.

The cotton pads have two sides with one being smooth and one being grainy for exfoliation purposes. I typically use the grainy side first before using the smooth side to gently clean my face.

Usually after cleansing I would use this as my last cleansing/toning step. It takes off any sun cream residue not removed by my milk cleanser and has been helping me maintain a clean skin since.

It however only comes with 70 pads which I have cut into half to double up the length of use (HAHA). It is quite pricey for 70 usages but I really love it and would very highly recommend it to anyone who loves skincare with convenience!



I love Corsx products - Got to know this brand around Sep 2016 and fell in love with it. I am in the process of trying out all of their products.

I have small breakouts periodically and this product is so good for calming and treating those breakouts. Secondly, it can also be used daily to condition your skin and prevent acne for those with serious acne-prone skin.



The COSRX one-step pimple clear pad was highly raved by many korean youtubers. One of my favourite Youtuber, Meejmuse, gave a big thumbs up for the product and I know I must try this as I was lacking of a good toner. I used the pad as a toner after my cleansing and you have absolutely no idea how a 'miracle' it was. So I was having this pimple bump which was going to grow during the period of the month, and I put in some extra efforts by using the pad and wiping it on the bump over and over again, and guess what? chang chang chang~~ The bump went down the next day! I'm not even kidding when I saw how effective it was! (Tips to apply: Use the rougher side of the pad to exfoliate your skin, then the other side to smooth and even out the moisture. Keep doing it until you feel like the pad is dry with no moisture left). I'm a combi skin and I use it as my toner everyday and there's no issues with that, unless you have sensitive skin, you might want to reduce the usage per week. I bought a tub for my boyfriend but sadly, it doesn't work that well for him, maybe because he has sensitive skin. When I heard Watsons actually has it on their shelves, I immediately grab another tub for myself and purchase it on behalf of my friend(the last 2 tubs omg), which, she went to get another tub the other day. Based on her words, she said "IT IS SO EFFECTIVE LIKE MY PIMPLES ARE CLEARED!" Though the tub only contains like 70 pads, I find that it is worth that money to actually restock it. Maybe minimizing the usage count would be a good idea for buyers whom are on a budget. I really think everyone should really try out this one step pimple clear pad, I mean, look at its cute packaging as well! Highly recommended!

Nadine Tan


I was really hyped to try out this product as I have read many positive reviews about it, but sadly it didn't really help my skin condition. After using these pads my skin would feel a bit sticky so I only used it at night. Didn't break me out, but didn't seem to control oil or reduce pimples either.. :( The only good thing was that my skin looked really radiant and has a natural dewy glow now after using this! Many people have pointed out that my skin looks glowy, but that's about the only good thing about this product.

Kimberley Ngu


Tried this out because of a Korean Youtuber. JK <3 And since she rave about this brand so so much, I decided to give this a try too because the previous recommendations from her worked well, so I had to give this a try.

Note: Do try a spot test first before using in case you have sensitive skin or easily allergic.

Packaging: It looks really serious and medical like and then you see the top of the tube and there's this Mr Rx character, it's really quirky and cute.

Price: I got the bundle from Hermo, this and x2 acne pimple patch for RM85+ inclusive of the GST.

Product: It stinged and itch a bit to be honest, I have really sensitive skin. I had the same reaction when I first tried the Lan**** water bank mask but after that it's fine. I had a hormonal breakout recently, I used this once and kid you not, my face cleared a lot after. Definitely, would recommend this to anyone who has really bad acne and breakouts.



Aside from that there are no other major change in their packaging the cover, container and sticker look pretty much the same. So my thoughts on this product is very positive, after using it continuously for couple months now I've felt the changes and improvements on my skin. My skin appear more clear and my acne scarce dark spots start to fade also. I also notice that if I feel like an acne is going to appear, I will usually just glide the pad over on that part more so that it'll get more solution and on the next day or two I'll see the acne which was planning to appear disappear. I first got introduced to this Cosrx product through Meejmuse, a Beauty Youtuber and from then on I was curious about Cosrx brand and started my research until recently I decided to get them. Special thanks to Jennie who hassle a lot to get all my Cosrx products on her last visit to Korea. Now I combine using my AHA/BHA toner as a substitute for this pimple pad in order to save up. Overall I love it and if I use this pimple pad I would simply skip toner step and jump into moisturizer right after the pimple pad. The Pimple pad leaves my skin feeling clean and even though there is a slight herbal scent to it, it's not overwhelming so I don't really mind the scent. But if you're sensitive to smell you may want to consider it. However considering all its goodness this scent isn't something that would stop me from using it. I would rate it a 9.5/10 because it's not available here, but the product itself is love!

Joey Lean


I decide to try out this brand for the first time after hearing youtuber, Joan Kim rave about the one step pimple clear pad constantly. Bought it when there was a sale in Hermo. It was slightly costly as there were only 70 pads it it, which last me about slightly over a month .I use it as a toner after cleansing my face. Although the product didn't break me out and it certainly clean up the dirt on my face, there wasn't much changes on my acne after using it. My acne didn't clear up and acne scar didn't lighten up either. Sadly. Wouldn't repurchase again.

Ainaa Md


Great product! My sister and I love it!! I really did see a difference when using it. It was able to calm down those pesky pimples popping everywhere. It didn't work so well from my bf though. He said it might had made it worse for him.... So it might depend on skin types.

It's basically a pre-wet cotton pad with indented circles on it. There's actually a way to use it. They have 2-steps which is to first rub on the indented side and later the other side. I usually just focus on the area which is breaking out.

Since I didn't want to contaminate the cotton pads, I usually use a tweezer. It makes it cleaner and easier to take it out.

Hana Tirza Kong


I use it once a day which is at night before bed time, after cleansing my face, it exfoliate my skin, it is so convenient to use, first i use the embossed part to swipe my face after that use another side to reswipe one more time to make sure all my face is clean, then i follow my toner and essence, ever since i use this, my sebum getting lesser and lesser blackhead it!


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