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Leanne Tan
Leanne Tan
11 Oct 2017
Your friend who will stay up late, watch rom coms and eat pop corn with you <3

How do you handle not feeling attractive enough?

Hi! Working in the media line, its common to be surrounded by very beautiful, young, popular and influential girls and it can be pretty intimidating. It's easy to get self conscious and feel very small. Any quick tips or personal experience to overcome this scenario? Many thanks :)


Your friend who will stay up late, watch rom coms and eat pop corn with you <3

Awww.... <3 Thank u girls (Priya and Ruth)... u made my day.

Everyone is unique on their own ways.. Based on your question how I handle the feelings of not feeling attractive enough well according to me I always compare myself what could have been worse.... And think about people suffering from Lupus syndrome or Vitiligo and I even met a few, I don't find them complaining instead they look more confident then ever still trying to prettying up with lip gloss or heavier hair extensions accepting the way they are moving forward and that will motivate me to love myself even more of the way I am 😉 .

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Hey! I used to feel exactly like how you felt. Constantly comparing myself to every other girl. I feel that girls nowadays have this stigma that they have to look a certain way to be "beautiful" . I mean it's what media bombards us with everyday. Whether it's social media, advertisements, music videos. We've been made to believe that if we don't look a certain way, we're not beautiful. If we don't have sharp faces, big eyes, or long luscious hair or if we're don't have the perfect hourglass shaped figure then yeah..not BEAUTIFUL. But what I came to realise is that if we don't feel secure about ourselves and really love ourselves (flaws and all) then we will always feel small. My advice is that you take time to appreciate yourself for who you are. Know that you don't have to fit in the "box" of what's beautiful. Take the time to take care of yourself and build yourself too. Workout, learn makeup, delve in fashion or do anything to make you FEEL more beautiful. Once you FEEL it, people will see it :). To me, a beautiful soul is way more beautiful than just a beautiful face. Be happy and enjoy what you have :).I love the quote that Marilyn Monroe said "A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear". So smile :). Hope it helps!