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Vanessa Lim
Vanessa Lim
11 Oct 2017
A girl who lives and breathes in Beauty (literally) <3

How to calm redness without having to use makeup?

Hey! A question that has been in my head since...forever. What is a good and natural way to calm redness without having to use makeup? :(


Aloe vera gel always be my babe when i have this kind of problem. And also a yogurt mask!

Maybe u can use Natural Republic Aloevera Soothing Gel right before u sleep and after shower in the morning.And try Innisfree Mask Capsule Pack and their mask.How to choose?Just ask the salesgirl which one is to reduce redness (seaweed,greentea,pomegranate, rice&pearl,etc.)

I think the best way to calm redness without using makeup is apply something cold. E.g : mask Or u might try to get cotton, soak in toner, apply on ur redness fr about 15 min. That's what i always do 🙈