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Hey,gorgeous... I'm here to ask for help to anyone would want to teach me to make fabulous by using makeup...i'm a young girl that want to learn to be a fabulous girl plus gorgeous of makeup ....help me by giving tips?


Hey there :D To me, the most important tip is skin care. You should have proper skin care products which are suitable for your skin because usually makeup will not look good on a bad skin. The next tip is EXPERIMENT :D. Try new lipstick or eyeshadow colours, new techniques or anything and find out what you like. Experiment with a variety of makeup products and you'll find which are suitable for your skin type or colour. Another tip is practice. It's always frustrating if you're a beginner in the makeup world, but trust me, practice makes perfect ;). Lastly, HAVE FUN. There are no rules or limits with makeup. You want to wear a highlighter all over your face? WEAR IT. You want to wear a blue eyeshadow with a yellow lipstick? WEAR THEM. As long as you like it and have fun with it :D. Hope this helps. xoxo

Oh, just smile.

Girl, you’re already beautiful and you don’t need makeup, let’s get that clear. Make up shouldn’t turn you into someone you’re not. Let it enhance your features, not change them. Okay so, 1- Fix yourself some DIY skin care routines first. 2- Make sure your skin is gorgeous and healthy. 3- Buy the basic products that you need (not want). Start with a foundation and a lipstick if you’re super new. (Buy brushes for different purposes. For ex, foundation has its own brush, highlighter has its own etc) 4- Remember that you can use 1 product in a lot of ways. Ex, pink lipstick as lipstick and blush. Glitter eyeshadow as eyeshadow and also highlighter etc. 5- Invest in nice makeup removers, If not then coconut virgin oil is your best friend in this case. 6- Buy makeup products according to your allowance and not google. Unless, you wanna go broke. Idk if I helped but if you wanna ask something, u can always message. Ps, not makeup advice- When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful.