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These Havaianas thongs are the new #TheDress.

These Havaianas thongs are the new #TheDress. Favful

Black and blue or white and gold? Same ol' question all over again.

Everyone knows #TheDress and what it had brought us through: Argues, break ups and Ellen DeGeneres Show. Last year, a picture of this dress was posted on Tumblr and it started an international debate on what color it was- black and blue or white and gold? It was one of the hottest topic of the year, even Twitter was trending with the hashtag of #TheDress. This odd debate blew the internet and even celebrities were talking about it and clearly, #TheDress splited the community into half: Team black and blue vs Team white and gold. 

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Just recently, Twitter user @positivedemi posted a picture of a pair of Havaianas thongs, and it ignites another international firestorm. “Which colour do you see?” in Portugese.

Just so like #TheDress, people can’t come into an agreement and this reminiscent phenomenon went viral once again. Twitter user @Elfie_Birdy replied his tweet spilling our thought for this color debate while some users began their guess.

This is getting real technical...

Some users even joked that they have ended a friendship for this optical illusion and started to doubt everything about life.

Thank God, Havaianas's spokesperson put the crowd out of misery by revealing the answer for such bizarre color of the protagnist to end this internet feud.

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It’s Black and Blue! Need proof? Here it is:

picture credit

There you have it, another optical illusion that messed with our brain. But who else thought that it was white and gold besides us?