A skin classic that gives you good. Whenever, wherever and however you wish.

I’m sure all of you have walked around the pharmacy, browsing through the skincare isle and stumbled upon a familiar, round shaped and blue coloured tin, right? We’re all aware of the existence but what does this product actually do? Well, there must be a reason why it has been there for years in its own classic look. You see, this product has been reigning the skincare community for years and we still wonder… what’s that all about?  

"NIVEA Crème has held an unrivalled standing among other skin creams in the market since it’s initiation in 1911. With its outstanding ‘all-purpose’ asset that is preservative free, this formula is vouched for its soothing, moisturising and protecting ability which is trusted since the years of ancestors. Our gem of a product instantly captures the attention of many with its distinctive blue packaging.”

But hey, how many of us are aware of its versatility?

You name it, NIVEA Crème does it. From your daily skin needs to a saviour of skin irritations, this baby has great caring ingredients which allows everyone to find their own unique of using it. Not only that its rich consistency will serve your skin with the most satisfying results, the powerhouse combination of Panthenol, Glycerine, Lanolin and Eucerit will ensure to provide your skin with a soothing and moisturising effect at all times. Double score! There is just no better feeling than having one single product that covers it all: from as basic as moisturising your arms & legs, to removing your make-up and calming down those irritating rashes. The multiples usage will get everyone hooked at first use!


Pick a skin issue and this all-purpose cream will solve it for you! Don’t believe us?

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If you’re a mum, this will be your family’s new favourite product! Just look at Ira, she’s able to give her skin some love while keeping her babies skin free of irritations. It allows you to pamper yourself and your young ones because hey, a mother’s skin needs a treat too!

To our makeup lovers, don’t fret because NIVEA Creme got your back too! If you’re a make-up lover just like Nisha and find that your skin needs some extra lovin’ after a long day at work….. you guessed it… it removes makeup while keeping your skin hydrated. Now you can maintain that dewy skin at all times!

There, there mommies-to-be. We know how frustrating it is to have those irritating stretch marks on your belly. The gentle formula of NIVEA Crème does not contain any harsh chemicals and helps to keep those stretch marks at bay! Now new moms like Sheryn will have one thing to tick off the bucket of pregnancy woes.

If you’re wondering how this product works…well, it’s like magic! Kidding, but it’s versatility just makes it almost magical. Apply it head to toe to keep them moisturised, no matter the weather. What to use it as a cleanser? A hydrating face mask? Go for it. The skin compatibility of this all-purpose cream knows no boundaries. Whatever it is that you wish you could fix about your skin, just give this product a go and you’ll never go back.  

And just like that, we’ve learned so many ways to use this product! It doesn’t stop there, though. There’s an infinite way that you can use it, you just have to make it yours and give it a shot. Amazing, right? If you would like this magic potion a try, you can redeem your 60ml NIVEA Crème from Favful ! It’s so easy, you can redeem it HERE and tell us how you feel with the product just by leaving us a review after! Redemptions ends on the 21st April 2018

NIVEA Crème promises to help you develop a healthy relationship towards your skin through its versatility and functionality. The gentle formula is ready to serve through different stages of life, for you and your loved ones.

We are more than impressed with this product and there’s no more wondering on why this blue thin stands out on the shelves of every pharmacy. Now, it’s your turn to fall in love with your skin, all over again. With NIVEA Crème, you’ll be able to do your skin right, in ways that you feel right!

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