How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone Favful

By Zoey Phoon

Don’t we all love lipsticks? 

It’s the size of your pinky and it does wonders in bringing life to your face. For its size, you can also easily pop it into your purse and take it around the world with you. I think the best part of a lipstick is also how versatile it can be. No makeup? No problem. Lipsticks can be used on the eyes, cheeks and lips! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

However, have you ever had second thoughts about the lipstick you just bought that looked amazing on Rihanna but not exactly the right fit for you? Well, there’s a simple science behind picking the right lipsticks for you. Based on your complexion, this is how you pick out a lipstick that best suits your skin tone.

1. Identify Your Undertone

To start off, everyone’s skin has a different undertone of either yellow or pink. Yellow is considered a warmer tone as opposed to be pink, the cooler tone. It helps when you know your undertone as it helps you figure out the best lipsticks that fits you.

One of the easiest way to identify your skin’s undertone is to use what’s called The Sun Effect. When you’re out and about under the sun, does your skin turn golden-brown or does it burn and turn pink first? For those who turn golden-brown like a hashbrown, you’re warm-toned. The latter would be cool tones and people with them tend to burn and turn pink when under the sun.

2. Know Which Shades Work With You

For yellow undertones, go for warmer colors. As for pink undertones, stick to shades with blue or purple tones in them. Aside from that, one universal rule is to try avoiding lipsticks on the daily with gray, ashy or overall pale looking tones as you will tend to look unhealthy.


3. In More Detail

In detail, here’s the exact colors you should go for based on your skin tone. Olive skin tones are generally neutral. It’s pretty easy to determine what shade of lipstick looks good on you. The easiest shades to pair with are nude, orange and red shades.

In terms of fair skin tones, you can really play around with bright and bold colours. From a piping hot red to a hot pink, it works! The only shades you should be avoiding would be pale and yellowish shades as they tend to make you look washed out and sleep deprived.

Last but not least, for my ladies and gents with darker skin tones, deep plums, berries and reds look fantastic on you. Unless you are going for a retro feel or a statement bright lip, avoid anything too light or pale on the lips — deeper shades look more flattering.


However, aside from these tips, you do you boo! If you think you look killer in green lipstick then rock it wild!

What are you favourite lipsticks to date? And also, did you manage to identify your undertones yet?