Eyeshadow Palettes You Should Know for Under RM200 (USD 50)

Eyeshadow Palettes You Should Know for Under RM200 (USD 50) Favful

Finding the best eyeshadow palette is legitimate work as the sheer number of palettes out there can be overwhelming, and it is fairly expensive.However, there is no denying how satisfying a simple application of colours over the lids can make us feel like goddess.

It is a vital process in picking a palette where you will actually use a majority of colors from the palette.  You definitely wouldn’t want to waste your money investing on something that you would let it sit in the drawer.

To make things a little easier, here is a list of eyeshadow palettes ( photos of swatches on fair and darker skin are attached below) with different compositions that you can get under RM200 (USD50). Bringing together complementary tones, shades and texture which allows you to change up your eye look with the same palette taking you from day to evening.


Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette, RM 190

Juvia’s Place is an indie makeup brand that you should definitely put it in your list!  The texture of the eyeshadows are smooth. Therefore, you can just blend them using your fingertips. The combination of metallic, satin and matte shades makes this palette versatile, and is suitable for a day to night look.3-5-17_BFM_JUVIASPLACE7474_st.jpg


juvia place saharan fair skin swatches.jpg

juvia place dark skin swatches.jpg


ZOEVA Matte Eyeshadow Palette, RM 130

A go-to for matte lover! Inspired by the serenity of a night stroll through the silent city, this palette focus more on warm melancholic tone. This palette is definitely suitable to create a fall makeup look using the current trending range of orange, red and burgundy shades.  Plus point - The formulation of this eyeshadow palette is enriched with vitamin E!



zoeva matte fair skin.jpg



Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Palette in Warm Neutrals, RM 171

This palette consists a range of eight shimmery and four matte shade from dark to light colour.  An all-round palette that you could easily use to create a simple natural all day look or a smokey eye makeup look. All of the shades are creamy. Therefore it is not powdery or dry and is easily blendable.







Colourpop Yes, Please!, RM 115


Say YES to the Colourpop Yes, Please! Eyeshadows Palette. This palette is an all time fast selling product which is sold out within minutes when it first released.  There are 12 pressed shadows ranging from metallic to matte shades with sunset hued color in a packaging of a convenient cardboard palette. The formula is very pigmented, consistent and very blendable.


colorpop yesplease swatches.jpgcolourpop yeasplease brown skin.jpg

colourpop yeaplease swatches dark.jpg


MORPHE 3502 - Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette

MORPHE is well known for their inexpensive eyeshadow palettes which they offered with the quantity and quality the makeup community desired.This highly blendable,vibrant and rich palette comes with 35 warm shades. For the MORPHE 3502, there’s a black shade compare to the original MORPHE 350.

[Insider information] If you want to get a hand of this palette, it is coming soon on our store.



3502 morphe dark.jpg


Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Clay Palette, RM 175,

This palette focus more on the matte shades as there are only 3 shimmery shades out of the 12 shades they provide. It includes both cool and warm tone for a day to night makeup. The pigmentation is impressive and is silky and buttery which makes the blending process effortless.


tarte bloom clay.jpg

tarte fair.jpg

tarte dark.jpg