5 Instant Skin Tricks for Shemergency

5 Instant Skin Tricks for Shemergency Favful

It’s a day before prom, you picked out your dress, you feel great, looking in the mirror and...BAM!! A giant zit?! Now that’s a Shermergency (sound the alarm!)

What would you do? Lucky for you..

Here are 5 instant skin tricks for a quick fix that I find absolutely useful!

1. Apply tea tree oil on blemishes

Tea tree oil is renowned for its numerous health benefits, including getting rid of blemishes. It has unique disinfecting and purifying properties. At the same time not causing further damage by stripping your skin of its natural oils. The redness and inflammation should decrease soon after application.

Take note :  If you have sensitive skin, dilute tea tree oil with water, coconut oil or olive oil to reduce the concentration.

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2.Stick an acne patch on your newborn acne!

Newborn acne needs more attention and care or else the infection will be prolonged. Slap on an acne patch (Highly recommend the Cosrx Acne Patch) on your pimple,leave for a few hours to absorb fluid from the infection. The patch effectively penetrates active ingredients while protecting your pimple from all the picking. All that bad habit of picking..let me tell you- it’s only gonna make things worst!!



3. Conceal your acne without further damage

Last-minute plans? Or in a rush?  

Fret not! Try applying Aesop pimple gel and proceed with coverage makeup without infecting it. Blemish treatments in gel form is usually gentle and does not dry up your skin. Tip: Conceal your acne with a green colour corrector before applying foundation. Green takes away any redness cause by the pimple.


4. Brighten dull skin with home remedies

First step to brighter and radiant skin in the quickest way is by removing the layer of dead skin cells with exfoliation. Try mixing a small amount of honey and sugar in a bowl and rub gently to get rid of dead skin. Wash your face with water after 60 seconds of exfoliating.

For other natural ingredients that are useful for skin brightening. Read them here


5. Balm for that Glow

Founder of Glossier, Emily Weiss : “ If I'm feeling tired or dried out, I'll apply some lip balm and tap the excess along my cheekbones and brow bones in a half-moon shape to get a little boost of moisture. When your face turns in the lights, it throws off a pretty sheen,"

It’s so simple! A tinted one can even add some colour to your cheeks.


There you go with your Shemergency life savers, you can thank us later!