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Skinfood Black Sugar Mask 100g

Skinfood Black Sugar Mask 100g

By Skin Food

4 (186 ratings)
  • dry skin, medium-fair,
    A face mask

    I have been using this for years . It supper good. I love this very much. I will be using this each day before I went  on to bed. It's like scrub . It feel rough at first but once you rub it on your face it's get better. I feel my skin so light , soft and smooth after using this. Love this. 

  • combination skin, medium-fair, 13-17

    although the mask is a little bit difficult to apply on face, but after applying the mask my face become smooth and very clean! the mask doesnt have any terrible smell. and the small granule in the mask can be used as scrub to remove dead skin on face.  the price is also very reasonable, and doesnt irritate my skin. the granule can cause some pain if u scrub the granule too hard on face.

  • combination skin, olive,
    great before applying makeup

    I used this to exofliate before applying makeup so that my foundation goes on smoother and my skin looks more flawless. It does help with the pores a little and gives your skin a smoother appearance. As I have sensitive skin, I make sure to heat it up on my hands and make the sugar grains smaller before applying to my face so that my skin will not be red and irritated. Use this twice a week and you can see the difference. 

  • combination skin, medium,
    Good exfoliator

    This exfoliating mask moisturises my skin and leaves it smooth and clear. It's kinda rough due to the sugar grains in the product so I add water or oil to make it less rough. After washing it off, I felt that my skin had gotten brighter and smoother as the black sugar had already scrubbed them off. My face does not get red or irritated after using it. It also has a good scent which Im absolutely in love with! It's a good exfoliator and I think it worked really well for me but some people may not be comfortable with the rough texture. 

  • combination skin, medium,
    Love everything about it... almost everything

    I love the lemoney/citrusey smell when you apply the product. I love the fact that you apply it with a wet face, which means I can cleanse my face first, and then proceed to spread the mask on immediately. 

    It does not sting or cause redness after using. You can even customize the texture of the scrub by adding water to melt the sugar granules if you think its too rough on your skin. (I add spray-on spring water just for that extra goodness). The mask/scrub wash off leaving my skin feeling very soft, absorbing all the follow up serum and essence right up.

    And if that is not enough, the price I got from Hermo for RM25.50 is definitely a plus. The only thing I wish it would change is the tub form packaging. If it comes in tube form, I wouldn't have to worry about keeping a spatula next to it to ensure product hygiene. 

    Irregardless, I'll give 5 stars and a thumbs up for this cheap but effective product.

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Product details

An exfoliating wash-off scrub-slash-mask that leaves skin clean and revitalized. It has this sugar bits that thoroughly sloughs off oil and grime from the skin, whilst its self-heating properties allow pores to open and allow the mask.