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Garnier Light Complete Eye Roll On 15ml

Garnier Light Complete Eye Roll On 15ml

By Garnier

3 (95 ratings)
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  • dry skin, fair,
    Get rid of dark circle

    Really works to focus eye circle. I am a person who like sleep midnight. Because I am very stress so I use this to roll my eyes,the fluid inside is cold and lemon scented. Just rolls like massage,but dun know why so fast I use finish,I only use 1week,inside dun have liquid already.My panda eye is become improvement. it packaging is got box once and inside got a paper tio teach u how to use. It very expensI've  to me because I still a housewife.Now I change to use spoon and cucumbers for dark circle

  • dry skin, olive, 26-35
    Just okay

    First time i bought this Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll is last 2 weeks. I bought at Watson Pharmacy with a reasonable price. It's just quite okay to me. My eyebags is not so much obvious because my skin tone is medium dark. But still it's really annoying whenever I saw a mirror and I can see the eyebags around my circle eyes. Very cooling sensation after applying on my skin. I noticed that there are some improvements on reduced of eyebags. Will continue to see better result.   

  • sensitive skin, medium-fair,
    No effect at all

    Does not do what it promises of lightening dark undereyes which is disappointing as I do light the simple application and the cooling effect it leaves behind. A very handy product as well that is easy to travel with and also fuss-free with the roll-on application. But such a pity that the product itself isn't effective

  • combination skin, medium-fair,
    Quick fix and cooling

    The packaging is really cool, it has a metal roller ball tip applicator which makes it feel cooling on your eyes but it does have this sharp irritating feel I'm unsure where it is coming from. I would use this before applying my makeup as it provides de-puffs my eyes and make them look fresh awake. The effect unfortunately does not last long so it's merely a quick fix type of product to me. I only use this once awhile as it does not impress me. Quite disapointed as I had high expectations for this.

  • dry skin, medium-fair, 18-25

    bought this impulsively from watsons. i love this product as its really cooling. but other than that i don't really see any difference. mainly because i don't have dark under eyes so don't really see any brightening effect. i really love the metal ball-rolling concept tho. its like massaging your under eye. recommend this to people searching for cooling under eye gel.

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Product details

Exposure to sun, pollution and harsh environmental conditions makes skin appear dull and dark. Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll On revives and deeply nourishes your eye contour for fairer and less puffy eyes Roll on for a multi targeted action to achieve a fair and a radiant look: it smoothens , lightens the skin protects from UVA & UVB rays , and prevent appearance of eyebags.