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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 250ml
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Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner 250ml

By Etude House

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  • oily skin, olive
    So-so, depending on the situation

    Extremely value for money if you consider how little is used every single time. 

    Upon application, you'll feel a slight cooling sensation to the skin (which I absolutely love) BUT you might get a lil turned off by the scent that's quite...chemical. An hour after application, I'm surprised my skin felt damp and not oily at all (I have a combination skin that leaves shine on around the T-zone unfortunately). 

    BUT, some days I'll wake up in the morning to a somewhat oily complexion so Im guessing its works on-off. As for pore size, no noticable difference. :/

  • ok
    Img 20170619 094342 Img 20170619 094220

    well, actually i bought the 500 ml one and i think it will be slightly cheaper than a 250ml one. i bought it for RM59.90 for a 500ml one. The product come with a really big pack which can last for almost half year even if u use it everyday. A box of cotton pack also come along with the package. and the pump is really hygiene too, which prevent the solution inside has contact with the air and also pump out sufficient amount for a single use. just u will tend to pump out too many amount during the first few application. The toner has a smell like a medicine or a pharmacy smell, but i can still bear with the smell as it is not a really bad smell. and about the pore minimise effect, i will say no as i already finished about more than 3/4 dy but i cant see any differences in my pores.

  • combination skin, medium fair

    This product is one of those that I used religiously everyday cause I wanted the pore minimizing effect, but it didn't do anything for me at all :( I was really disappointed cause I used a lot of this product (came in a huge bottle) and still didn't see an effect. I even used it along with the products in its range still didn't work !! But still it's hygienic cause of the dispenser, just pump it and then you get product on the cotton pad. That's the only upside I guess, other than that it doesn't work   

  • combination skin, olive, 18-25

    I got a sample from hermo and to be honest i have love hate relationship with this toner. I love that it does reduce my pores but at the same tume it leaves my skin feeling so tight and sometime dry. So maybe i thought this do not suit my skin and i was kinda sad because it does make my pore small

  • normal skin, medium fair, 18-25
    My MUST HAVE toner

    I have normal skin type to slightly oily during humid and hot days. This toner works well on my skin. After face cleansing, I apply this toner with cotton puff from Daiso to do a double cleansing for my pores. I can see some dirts came off to the cotton puff and I am really impressed with the cleansing of this toner. It does contain alcohol for an effective cleansing and minimising pores, so I will only recommend this to people who has not drying skin and no allergy to alcohol. The pump head design of this toner is truly amazing. It dispenses product with just pressing the pump head. So convenient and hygienic. After using this for months, my pores on cheek are getting smaller and less oily around the whole face. 

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Pores in the excellent care they contain large amounts of vegetable ingredients. Minimize the burden of the skin.Slightly acidic ph5 skin. Management of various skin problems.