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Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water 100ml Pack Of 2

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water 100ml Pack Of 2

By Bio-Essence

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  • combination skin, medium-fair,
    Instant Glow !

    Of all the good things about this Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water, the most special thing that it does to my face is that it gives me instant glow ! I am a Bio Essence Bird's Nest all-time user so I'm fully aware of how good Bio Essence is. What I find exciting about this product is you can easily find it at Guardian or Watsons. I'm a busy lady with lots of priorities so I don't have too many time to go to the mall. Being able to find my favorite products at a store located at just 5-minutes drive from my house is definitely MAJOR LOVE   I was buying Bio Essence Bird's Nest when I first encountered this Miracle Bio Water.  It comes in a cute white bottle with a blue cap. The price is only RM 5 for the smallest bottle. I became attracted to it by how cheap the price was ! Without hesitation, I bought it together with my other Bio Essence products. I used it every morning and I am still using it today ! I would spray it on my face before I apply my makeup. Because of it's small size, I would put it inside my purse and bring it along with me whenever I go. Just whenever I'm having a rough day and my face looks dull because of it, I would spray it on my face. I just love how it makes my skin glow   From the first day that I purchased it, I always find myself buying more and more. I wouldn't leave my house without it   you should definitely give it a try.

  • sensitive skin, fair,
    I love it

    This isn't a setting spray so if you're using this to make your makeup stays on longer, I'd say go invest on a real makeup setting spray.

    I love this to freshen up my skin because I spend most of the time in an air-conditioned room. They claim to do a lot of things to your skin but honestly, I don't see any changes on my skin. It's a great product to have in your bag after a long day 'cause you can always freshen up with this and I use it to make my makeup less cakey. I do have dry skin and I need some moisture to lessen the 'cakey-ness'.

  • combination skin, medium,
    Affordable than Avene's and suit my combination to sensitive skin (when I'm out for outdoor)

    Faster way than applying back moisturizer for me, when I'm stranded in office or in long haul inside any dry and cold air even after diving, suits me well enough. The fact that water might absorbs faster or not, depends on your skin, make sure your skin clean enough or the said good mist wont do the job. For better usage, use plain mask and spray over it then put onto your face like any mask.

  • combination skin, medium,
    average mist spray

    bought this after knowing that it was alot more affordable as compared to the avene one. the spray was really fine which is awesome, and it feels really refreshing when sprayed. the smell though, was slightly put off as i feel that there is this slight metal kind of smell? but other than that, its a pretty good mist spray.

  • combination skin, tan,
    Sprays nicely with cooling effect.

    I bought Bio Essence after finding out that it is cheaper compared to Avene's.

    Personally, I love the spray. It spreads so well, After spraying, I can feel that it 'locks' to my face. Has cooling effect too.

    Now, they come with small bottles so, that is a plus point & convenient for me to just toss it in my bag.

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Product details

The degree of coolness of the spring water determines the soothing, anti-irritating and calming effects.
Bio-essence Bio Spring Water contains Bio-Energy which is well known for its benefits in dermatology. The Bio Spring Water is uniquely low in mineral and super low salt content yet rich in trace minerals, ensuring 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing, whitening and anti-irritating effects. It is miracle bio water with 20 excellent efficacies.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•    Controls oil effectively
•    Refines pores
•     Whitens & brightens skin
•    Firms skin with better elasticity
•    Lifts skin
•    Reduces dark circles
•    Reduces eye bags
•    Relieves sensitive skin
•    Relieves pimples & reduces redness
•    Use after make-up for longer lasting & natural look
•    Moisturizes and nourishes skin
•    Relieves tiredness, energizing
•    Soothes skin after treatment