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Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

By Avene

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  • normal skin, medium fair

    This is great to use when you have dry skin or just wanting to hydrate your skin in humid weather. (useful too in airconditioned room as it can be pretty drying for the skin) the nozzle sprays out the product just right, it does not come out too much or too little as i think that it is very important that it does not spray out too much with a press as sometimes i will use it to set my makeup (oh it works really well when you do not have your setting spray with you!) i would recommend this as it works really well and it does my not leave your skin with anything to irritate or making it feel sticky. 

    this is a must have product when i head to somewhere really cold or humid as it can hydrate and keep my skin moisturised. 

  • combination skin, medium
    Try this due to my sensitve skin sometimes but there are cheaper version available

    Yeah the cheaper one would be bio-essence mineral mist, but Avene one of a kind, why not treating your skin to something more luxurious looking plain water right?. During my bad skin days, Avene do pretty much moisturizing job in a faster way, minimize skin irritation andrecommended for people who need to moist up on the go. Try this when they have clearance sale, in fact you can use plain mask with the spray mist to be used as a usual mask, just be careful not to waste a lot by spraying heavily.

  • combination skin, medium fair, 13-17

    this water can be used for many purpose. and i mainly using it as a toner. it is very easy to used as i dont need to use cotton pad to apply it. i just hold the tube about 15cm away from my face and spray it on my face and also neck. then i just tap the water into my skin. and the packaging is quite suitable for travelling use also~it can also be used when u stay in air-con room for too long period and giving some moisture to skin. it can also be used before make up so that ur skin conditioner is better! recommend this to everyone from different skin range.

  • normal skin, fair
    Worth the buy

    I used to use Evian's, but when I decided to buy this, it was the best decision ever. Now I'm only going to stick to this. It leaves my skin so refreshed and keeps it so so hydrated. My skin isn't really dry so I usually don't have to use it that often. But I have friends who have dry skin and they say that it really keeps their skin feeling ultra hydrated! It's so great for traveling and long car rides as well as long hours in air conditioned places (offices, library, lecture halls) as skin tends to dry up in these places. Just one spritz of this and your skin is saved 

  • combination skin
    Miracle Water!

    I knew about this product through a college mate. She said this was really good in terms of maintaining her "baby face." Back then, I thought it was too expensive for just one bottle so I never really got one. However, my brother came home one day and handed me this. He told me he wasn't using it anymore and that I should use it instead. To my wonder, this was actually really good! Personally, I think it's better than Bio Essence's. It's more hydrating and works really good in soothing your skin! If you've done your research on the horse near Avene, you'd probably call this a miracle water!  

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Product details

Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes, softens and calms skin. Hydrate your skin with our medium size bottle.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•Soothes redness associated with inflammation  
•Calms itching sensations  
•Rich in silicate and trace elements  
•Low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin  
•pH 7.5 – perfect balance of anions and cations  
•Sterile packaging– bacteriologically pure



•    Avène Thermal Spring Water (100%) - Soothes and softens
•    Nitrogen (gas) - Non-flammable inert gas that is ozone friendly