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Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

Avene Thermal Spring Water 150ml

By Avene

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  • normal skin, medium fair, 13-17
    Great for soothing

    I used this when I was volunteering out in Myanmar to reduce heat and prevent eczema outbreak - it worked! The super fine mist is really cooling on the skin and helps to sooth a rash. Very good to use after sun exposure or sweating to cool the skin and prevent rashes from breaking out. Just spray and go! There are many dupes for this like the Vichy one, but I prefer this for the fine mist and not the more harsh direct mist that hurts the skin. 

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Didn't see much of an effect

    Used this product on my oily skin but didn't see much of an effect. Basically it's just expensive water in my humble opinion. YES it does feel refreshing, but it could be just because you're literally spraying water onto your face after a long day or when you wake up. I'm not entirely sure what this product does cause there wasn't a big difference in my skin. Maybe it's just my skin refusing to absorb or it simply doesn't work for me :( 

    1 star for that refreshing feeling 

  • combination skin, medium fair

    I've given this product multiple go-s to see if i would change my mind about it seeing as to the great raves it gathers but i truly don't see a huge benefit of it. I must say, it is useful for damping your beauty blender's and giving your face a finishing mist after doing your make up to reduct cakey-ness but i feel able to say that i can live without this item. If i wanted to finish off my makeup i would much rather use a makeup setting spray than this mist. 

    I suppose the only useful time i can see myself using this is after the gym to refresh myself but even that i would rather wash my face and put on my skincare. 

  • combination skin, medium
    Great product for the family

    I've been brought up with this in the family home for as long as I can remember. It is fancy water (if you want to compare the price to mineral water), not sure if it really works or it's a placebo effect but hey! so far so good. Used it when I got sunburned together with aloe vera and it worked like a charm, used it to hydrate the face after a humid day. It's a must have when going to the beach. Overall, would recommend this brand over the others in the market but don't take my word for it, as with anything do test it out on your arms or something first before sprizting it all over your face.

  • combination skin, medium fair
    Quick way to freshen up and soothe skin!

    I have combination oily skin, and I use this as a toner, light setting spray, to refresh my makeup or whenever my skin feels prickly and dry. It's great to soothe irritated skin and I love using it especially after shaving as it really helps to soothe razor burns. For someone with combination oily skin, I used to hate using toners as I didn't like the sticky feeling afterwards, but I never experienced that when using this thermal water! Excellent for our hot and humid weather and really worth buying !

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Product details

Avène Thermal Spring Water soothes, softens and calms skin. Hydrate your skin with our medium size bottle.

Key benefits and ingredients:
•Soothes redness associated with inflammation  
•Calms itching sensations  
•Rich in silicate and trace elements  
•Low salt mineral content does not dry out the skin  
•pH 7.5 – perfect balance of anions and cations  
•Sterile packaging– bacteriologically pure



•    Avène Thermal Spring Water (100%) - Soothes and softens
•    Nitrogen (gas) - Non-flammable inert gas that is ozone friendly