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Favful is a Southeast Asia-based virtual beauty advisory platform aiming to empower women in making informed decisions by providing all information necessary at their fingertips. From reviews, price comparisons to handy tips, Favful provides all the information you need for smarter beauty and health purchases.

Figuring out “what works” can be overwhelming and confusing at times. At Favful, we believe there’s a better way. We believe in a beauty advisory platform where we can empower each other in making informed beauty choices via personalized search, unbiased reviews, tutorials, tips and news.

Register for free with your Facebook account and you'll be part of the family! Once registered, you can interact within the community, review products, earn points and redeem products of your choice!

If you are a first time user, click on ‘Get Rewarded’ and create new account. Answer a few questions about yourself and your skin so that we can cater products that suit your skin for your redemption. Then proceed with choosing your desired product to be redeemed, set a points goal for yourself and start earning points by writing reviews. You can also redeem any available products from our website as long as you have sufficient points.

Find the product to be reviewed by brand or keywords in the search bar and tell us in detail what you like/dislike about the product.

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You may click on the star icon above the ‘submit’ button to rate too. Then, hit ‘submit’. The approval process will take up to 24 hours. If your reviews are approved, you will receive a confirmation email and earn 50pts.

As long as you speak from your heart, we approve! But be sure to check out our Review Guideline to ensure your review is up to par in order for your review to be approved.

You can only review products that are available in our existing categories. There will be no results shown if the products are not included in our classifications.

You can only review products that are searchable on our website. If there are any products you wish to review or read up on, you are more than welcome to email the product name and a website link to us at [email protected].

Yes. Favful serves as a sharing platform so we welcome all kinds of reviews as long as they are beneficial to users and do not include any offensive content.

We will only approve one review with detailed content, which includes the way you use the product, its effects and your recommendations.

Favful acts as a platform for users to share opinions and obtain information they need for products they have a keen interest in. Some of the video production is paid for but all video content is of the reviewers' personal opinions.

English and local languages are all welcome.

Your submitted reviews are pending for review and will be reviewed within 24 hours. Your reviews must contain a brief introduction of the product, your own evaluations and recommendations in order to get approval. Total points on your profile will be updated once your reviews are approved.

The majority of reviews are approved/rejected within 24 hours of submission. If a review is required for a closer look, it may take longer, especially when there is an overwhelming response. We try to be as precise as possible for the benefits of our users to find reviews helpful and relevant. Also, we do our very best to manage both speed and quality.

When this occurs, either your reviews are still under investigation or sorry to say, you’re blacklisted. Submitting reviews with plagiarism from other blogs, websites and official website pages are strictly forbidden.

You have to accumulate points in order to redeem your desired gift. 50pts will be granted for each approved review therefore if the amount of points required to redeem your gift is 400pts, you need to get at least 8 approved reviews for redemption. If your desired gift is worth 2,000 points, you will need to have 40 approved reviews for that, and so on.

No. The points are solely for the usage of one account only.

Once you have points totalling more than or equivalent to the required points needed for your goal product, go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture and click ‘Redeem’.

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Fill in the shipment form and click ‘Redeem’ again. You can also search for and redeem any products available on our website that are available for redemption.

A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address, which is linked to your Facebook account. If that email address is not an active one and you would like to update it, please email us at [email protected].

Due to overwhelming response, there is a possibility that we haven’t seen your email yet. You can also check your email account’s spam inbox in case it got directed there. If you are still unable to find a reply email from us, please email us again with your proof of redemption at [email protected].

You can add your address when you’re ready to redeem your gift. Click on ‘Redeem’ on your profile and proceed to fill in the address form. If you wish to change your shipping address, please email us at [email protected].

There is zero payment for shipping when you redeem your product.

No. You can redeem as many as you wish as long as you have sufficient points.

Your goal can inspire you to contribute more reviews. Your opinions are incredibly valuable to us!

You are not encouraged to change your goal. If you were to redeem other items, simply find the product that you covet in the search bar and click ‘Free Redeem’.

Sit back, relax and wait patiently for your product to arrive!

Some products from overseas are not eligible for shipping to Malaysia or they are out of stock.

The item(s) will be delivered to the provided address within 3 weeks.

You may check your junk and spam folders to see if the email got caught in there. Make sure your Facebook email address is your active email and that it is not restricted to share with Favful. Still not getting any emails? You may send your active email address to [email protected].

Click on your profile icon and you’ll see ‘Total Points’ in your profile.

Your reviews have to abide by the following criteria to get featured.

Featured review criteria:

  • The review content must be unbiased and genuine.
  • The review content must be in correspondence to the product.
  • The review content must be only for one single product.
  • The review content must be original; text and images cannot taken from any other sources.
  • The review content must fit in with the Review Guideline.

Review Guideline

Give your review a catchy title to attract readers. Examples:

  • ‘Need no plastic surgery by using this contour palette.’
  • ‘This moisturizer is heaven-made!’

Start your review with an introduction for the product.

  • Why did you buy it?
  • What made you buy it?
  • How is the packaging, scent, color and texture of the product like?

Begin your evaluation for the product.

  • When do you use it?
  • What is the effect of it?
  • How do you use it?
  • Did you discover any usage tips?
  • What is the most impressive/annoying thing about this product?
  • Would you recommend this to anyone?
  • Are its claims valid?
  • Include at least one photo/video showing eg.
    • product applying on your skin
    • product applying on your face
    • photo of your selfie holding product
    • photo/video of different shade or color of the product
    • photo/video of your before and after using the product

Include some other points.

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • Smell
  • Texture
  • Lasting power
  • Value
  • Recommendations

Your review could be rejected due to following reasons:

  • Review content is too short and not detailed enough. E.g:

    • Very nice. I like this.
    • It is good at brightening up my skin.
    • This is normal for me. Nothing special about it.
    • The packaging is nice but the product so-so.
  • Review content contains sensitive wording to promote online platforms.
  • Review content contains irrelevant / offensive / abusive / obscene / immoral words.
  • Review content is sourced from the item’s product description or official website.
  • Review content is copied or taken from official websites, blogs or any other sources.
  • Duplicated content (same product, different content / different product, same content)
  • Image provided is not original; taken from official website or copied elsewhere.
  • Overly focused on describing the product attributes instead of your personal experience.
  • We reserve the right to reject any reviews for any other reasons apart from those mentioned above.

If we detected repeating plagiarized content, your account will be disabled from the reward system or disable from posting review.