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What is the best way to pack your makeup and skin care essentials for travel?

Traveling light is almost never possible for me, especially when I will always pack loads of nice outfits and all my beauty essentials. Plus, buying all my essentials in travel sizes may cost a bomb sometimes. Or in some cases, my compacts like powder or eyeshadow might cracked along the way. How do I pack for my travels? Is there a way where I can bring most of my products yet at the same time able to bring my carry-on luggage on board?


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1 - travel sizes or samples for skincare and makeup
2 - plastic containers is better than glass ones
3 - choose a palette with mirror in it, so you don't have to bring additional mirror!
4 - waterproof and dirt-proof makeup bag
5 - essential ones only (highlight, multiples lipsticks, large palette are no no)

travel size products or opt for container like contact lens casing

Skin care usually ill store it in smaller bottle and containers. Where as for makeup I'll only pick the things I'll use for sure, like mainly face makeup.