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6 things about boys we wished they taught us in school but didn’t

6 things about boys we wished they taught us in school but didn’t Favful

It's time to have an in-depth understanding about the mysterious species - Boys.

The world has changed but no doubt that most of the girls still love boys. But no matter how much you think you really know about your boy (or crush), it’s somewhat hard to get inside their head to know what the heck are they really thinking about. “Why are they not understanding what I want?!” “Why is he not calling me?” “Is he breaking up with me?” “Is he seeing someone else?” Boys would think that we drive them crazy but honestly, they’re driving us equally crazy as well. And here, we have compiled the 6 things about dudes we girls should know!

1. The only thing about boys you can really change is his clothes


We believe a lot of girls did this – trying to change your boyfriend to a “better” person. You can’t expect him to stop hanging out with his friends or only focus on you and nothing else matters. If that guy is the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with, both of you may need to devise a compromise that work both ways as relationship is a two-way thing.

2. Boys have feelings too

So you think you’re the only one shedding tears in the dark after a fight and thinking he’s all fine? They aren’t all the heartless bastards that girls stuck a label on. As much as they enjoy dominating, they do weep over a teary movie because at the end of the day, we are all human and we all get hurt.

3. Boys only “see” hot chicks


A standard, rational guy will not date an extremely hot or pretty girl even though they very much enjoyed following them on social media and feed their eyes and soul with sultry pictures. Another thing is, they don’t prefer girls with super heavy makeup as you know, who wants to get a fright in the middle of the night? Plus, pretty girls=high maintenance=more expenses=no extras for him to hit the bar or snatch up his fave NMDs. Unless, he’s filthy rich. Congratulations.

4. Boys think that you’re really fine when you say “I’m fine”

We know that sometimes, girls crave for attention from their boyfriend but saying you’re fine which you’re actually not will just get you sulkier because after 40,000 years of evolution, boys still haven’t get the hint that “I’m fine” means “I’M EFFING ANGRY AT YOU.”

5. Boys also love compliments

Everyone loves compliments! Just like girls, a good compliment can make their day and even be a real game changer. A simple complement will let them feel that you’re actually appreciate the little things they did such as looking smart on a date night, taking care of you when you're sick and their effort to time for you.

6. Boys need breaks


There’s no denying that your boyfriend loves you. But being in a relationship doesn’t mean that they need to spend every single second with you. If you’re new to relationship, it’s normal that you wish to earn extra attention from your boyfriend but they also have their own world where there’re family, friends, own interests and career (or studies) that they need to prioritize. Of course, everything has a balance – if he’s turning a blind eye to you, ditch him.

What do you think about boys? Tell us in the comments below!

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