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Product comparisons: Battle of the mascaras

Product comparisons: Battle of the mascaras Favful

Now you can see what each formula looks like IRL.

Mascara is the one makeup product every makeup lover needs. There are SO many options out there, how do you choose? You can hardly judge if the mascara works on you by just looking at the packaging and its claims. Unless trying on your own lashes with the testers which we don’t really encourage you to do so due to hygiene issue, not to mention you only have a pair of lashes…

Below, team Favful has tried and tested 4 mascaras that are available at your local Watsons, Guardian, SaSa and Sephora in the mall. If you have typical short and straight Asian lashes like ours looking for the perfect mascara, then you’re in luck.

1. L’Oreal Paris False Lash Miss Manga Mascara

It has a conic shaped and arched bristles with thin tip. We personally think that this design is brilliant as the tip can coat even the shortest and bottom lashes.

For record, our lashes are extremely short as you can see on the right. We applied just one side of the eye for a better comparison view. As you can see, the mascara holds curl well and elongates the top and bottom lashes for an open-eye effect. The formula doesn’t cause clumping and it dries pretty fast so fret not that you’ll smudge the newly-done mascara before heading out the house.

Rating: 4/5 because we love everything about this.

2. Eyeko London Black Magic Mascara

The bristle part of this mascara is arched as well for easy coating but it doesn’t have the extra small tip like L’Oreal’s.

Honestly, this mascara does nothing on our eyelashes, at all. The mascara-free lashes hold more curls than the one with Eyeko’s. It takes a while to dry but will still feel a little sticky. The plus points are that the formula is rich and creamy, the process of application is buttery smooth, probably due to shea butter. Also it is extremely black yet it doesn’t live up to their claim – dramatic, voluminous and curl. Just meh.

Rating: 1/5 and the reason is very obvious.

3. Majolica Majorca Lash King Mascara

It has a straight-a$$ wand and generously filled with fibre-threads to fake the length of your real lashes, making them look super long without the need of falsies.

Compared to the others, it gives a more dramatic look with thicker looking lashes (especially the bottom lashes) thanks to the fibres but it doesn’t elongate as much as L’Oreal’s. We tried to apply a few more layers but it started to get a little clumpy because the lashes began to stick together. Though it can be easily de-clump the strands with a spoolie, it requires double work.

Rating: 3/5 because we love the fibres and the finishing, but not so much for the clumps.

4. Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara

The mascara wand is slightly curved with a hinge and the brush is flat with bristles at the both sides.

If you see the picture of the brush clearly, it has fibres sticking out sparsely, not as much as the Majolica ones. With that, its promise for length doesn’t disappoint. Our curled lashes didn’t collapse after application, in fact, it’s holding up quite well! Clumping is not an issue but it’s not as dramatic as the rest of the mascaras we’re comparing. If lengthening is your thing, The Falsies is your pick.

Rating: 4/5 because we have longer lashes now without falsies!

Well, our experience might be different from yours. If you have diverse opinions, do tell us everything in the comments!