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Favful Gals tried spray-on nail polish+mirror chrome powder and the results were total BS

Favful Gals tried spray-on nail polish+mirror chrome powder and the results were total BS Favful

Nope. Not impressed.

All of us face the same issue when it comes to nail painting – Cannot seem to do perfect manicure on both hands, always. So it explains how thrilled we were to try Pony Effect Spray Paint Lacquers that are specially designed to achieve perfect manicure in a jiffy despite our unsteady hands. We thought these cans were brilliant inventions but it didn’t turn out to be quite a great experience.

We got our finger tips dirty with 5 different shades: Secret code (gold/yellow), Pingpong Game (green), Chic Chico (blue), Go Play (purple) and City Roller Coaster (silver). Apart from that, we also tried to create the highly coveted mirrored nails that have taken over the internet by storm.

Before we began shaking the spray cans, a layer of base coat was applied just as we normally would. But we weren't aware the importance of applying perfect base coat without touching our cuticles. Wait, did we mention we do have super unsteady hands? OK, there’s that and we began to paint our nails! The spray has a cooling sensation on skin and the opacity of the shades varies. Among all the colors, blue and purple appeared to be the most pigmented shades.

We tried all the colors on each of our nails this is what all the swatches look like after applying a layer of top coat:

Honestly, we weren’t amazed by the result and since we already have a base color on our nails, time to give mirror chrome powder a shot. We had our finger crossed hoping it would work. But…

Well, at least we had one nail done right and that single success was the most glorious moment ever!

Though the spray-on nail paint is really freaking cool, but we think that it doesn’t look that convenient as there were preparations to be done, wastage of the product and glitter was EVERYWHERE, not to mention the stupid spray paint nozzles. If you're planning to get one, please watch what exactly happened in the video below!

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