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6 surprisingly doable weight-loss methods that you can try

6 surprisingly doable weight-loss methods that you can try Favful

Don't rush, great things take time!

Though you’ve tried to control your food intake during the holiday, there’re brunch dates, dinner dates with family and friends that you couldn’t avoid, we get you! After days of lou sang, most of the girls have finally gotten their new-year-resolution sorted out – lose some weights.


Speaking about weight-loss, it often means restricting calories, eliminating fats and controlling your diet. But little did you know, these extreme dieting will create extreme cravings. When you ended up eating food that you feel guilty eating, you'll begin to have the thought of screw-it-I-can't-do-it-anyway and lost your spirit to keep going. Lucky for you, we have some weight-loss tips that you can give it a go that will not kill your love for donuts.

1. You need to make at least one meal a little healthier

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You cannot expect your mind and body to accept a drastic change in your diet. Begin to slot in healthy food starting off with the meal that has the biggest impact on you or simply the one that can alter easily. For instance, breakfast. Spend 15 minutes every morning to start your day right by preparing breakkie with a balance of protein, fat, carbs and some refreshing fruits.

2. You don’t need to completely cut off any food

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Human minds are weird – the more you trying to resist something, the more you crave for it. Instead, give yourself permission to get pleasure from food. Enjoy your treats but mindful about the portion that you’ve consume and stop when necessary.

3. You don’t need to be a sudden gym-junkie

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If you’re never a gym person, setting a tough goal with extreme workouts isn’t helping but it can be demotivating. Set an attainable goal such as making sure that you can hit the gym at least 3 times a week for a month. As your body is getting stronger, adding your gym days and workouts gradually is more likely to attain your goal.

4. You need get your butt to workout, no matter what

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When we say that, we mean it. Set a workout calendar to plan your workout routines each day so you have a clear picture of what you’re intend to do on a particular day. Rainy day is not an excuse, love. Get down on your yoga mat and start doing Blogilates PIIT workout!

5. You can snack (yay!)

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Oh wait, we don’t mean chips, btw. Sometimes, you just feel like grabbing a snack from your office pantry just because you need a break from your working desk. Instead of snacking, go get a glass of water or say hello to your co-workers which is also a great way to distress. If you really do wish to snack, get some nuts and fruits to munch on.

6. You need to make water your to-go beverage

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Swap at least one sugary drink per day with water. If you’re not much of a plain water drinker, make fruit-infused water to keep things more interesting. Water aids body digestion as well as to flush impurities out of your body. You’ll notice a difference on your body (and skin) after some time!

Try these methods out and tell us what you feel!

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