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14 most stressful 'Would You Rather' questions ever!

14 most stressful 'Would You Rather' questions ever! Favful

Honestly, we can't choose either.

Team Favful recently gathered a number of nerve-wracking 'Would You Rather' questions that we could think of and this will be the hardest beauty decisions you ever made in life. Have fun choosing~

1. Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

2. Would you rather always have lipstick on your teeth or mascara melt off on your face?

3. Would you rather have your favourite eyeshadow palette smashed or favourite lipstick discontinued?

3. Would you rather have your winged liner never match or eyebrows never match?

4. Would you rather have bad contour or bad highlighting?

5. Would you rather have overplucked eyebrows or over lined lips?

6. Would you rather have clumpy mascara or unblended eyeshadow?

7. Would you rather give up lip makeup or eye makeup?

8. Would you rather use Sharpie on your eyebrows or shave them all?

9. Would you rather lose all your eye makeup or face makeup?

10. Would you rather wear red nails or red lips for eternity?

11. Would you rather have a huge acne on your face or wrinkles on your face?

12. Would you rather not wash your hair for a year or not brushing your teeth for a year?

13. Would you rather throw all your makeup products or skincare products?

14. Would you rather have moustache you can’t remove or unibrow?

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